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Two weeks after I started this website, I received an email. It was from a guy I had never heard of, never met, with a company I knew nothing about. He did, however, say that he represented Rapala baits. He wanted to know if I would be willing to feature some articles and events, and […]

Ah, Spring. The leaves are starting to come in. The flowers are budding and trees are beginning to brighten. Fish are spawning, turkeys are gobbling, and the life is returning to nature. Unless, you live in Missouri. Water is high and stained and it snowed twice in the last 4 days. Temperatures fluctuate from 25 […]

Part three of our Angler spotlight starts now! Seth Feider is a relative newbie on the Bassmaster Elite series, and this will be his first ever Classic. He’s got the mindset of a veteran though, and is hopeful that he’ll be coming out on top. As far as being a favorite, he’s a little farther […]

Welcome to part two of our Bassmaster Angler spotlights. Today we focus on Ott Defoe, a six time competitor and never out of the top twenty-five. Ott has a handful of wins, and just under ten podium finishes on the Bassmaster series. He’s considered a favorite to win, though not as highly as some other […]

The 2018 Bassmaster Classic is upon us! Over the next two days, I’ll be giving some insight on three Classic anglers and the baits they will be using over the weekend. The Classic takes place this year on Lake Hartwell in Greenville, South Carolina. The forecast for the weekend isn’t stellar, and the anglers may […]

For this month’s iteration of the monthly fly, I chose to make a video! It’s slightly cringe-worthy, and the audio isn’t awesome. They do say you are your own worst critic. If you like the video, let me know! The lighting was difficult, I was missing some materials, but I loved this tie. Thanks for […]

In a recent article, I talked a little bit about buying a new camera. While I have used aforementioned camera to take some stills of flies off the vise, I decided I needed a bit of nature to spruce up my life. Coincidentally, today was a rainy day, and thus my place of work was […]