What is this, Who am I?

At the beginning, I have no idea. Is this a blog? Is this a collection of articles on a website? Is it a foolish scheme made up by some “gosh darn millennial” to avoid a real job. In short, yes, it is unequivocally all of these things. But why should you care? In all honesty, most shouldn’t. There are many things you could do that are better uses of your time than read the ramblings of a twenty-something on his travels. However, at the end of the day, I wish to make this something that is worthy of your time. A release of sorts, an outlet for all of your adventuring spirits. I have a great desire to use this website as a guideline to any crazy enough to listen, and for my lack of knowledge and mistakes to become your triumphs. So what is this? I’m not entirely sure, but I am entirely sure that it matters very little.

I don’t really know what I am doing. I know who I am though, and I am sure that you are dying to know. Therefore, it seems as good of a place as any to make a start. I was born and raised in Springfield Missouri by my lovely parents, who are sure to make many appearances whether or not they know it. I have a brother, who I half-jokingly describe as Josiah 2.0. He’s a bit taller, has the ability to get a better tan, and is sure to be the first millionaire to come out of the Durham family. For all of these things, I am incessantly proud. I am engaged to a very lovely lady, her name is Erica. I have friends and a job or 5, and I like being outdoors.

I started outdoors when my parents let me. I am so glad they did, being raised in these modern times. Without them pushing me to get outside to play sports, play in dirt, and just play, I would definitely be glued to a screen and grossly overweight.  I’m not sure when I went fishing for the first time, but my first great memory was of fishing at the pond in the back pasture of my great-grandparents house in North-Central Missouri. I don’t even remember catching fish, which is a bit of a bummer. All that truly matters is that I stuck with it. Whatever happened when I was in my formative years lead to somebody that spends a vast majority of time outdoors, both in life and in work.  In high school, I remember fishing at least three to five days a week at the river, and more during the summer. As for hunting, I’ve done that as long as I can remember as well. I was gifted my first BB gun when I was eight, as spent the first night with it plinking nuisance birds in the barn at my grandparents farm. I spent my first deer season in a blind when I was 10, and the next year shot my first deer. I’ve spent many days afield, from the grass plains of Kansas to the mighty peaks in Colorado.  I’ve been groomed my whole life to live outside. Which happens to be a good thing, otherwise the next few years of my life are going to be quite difficult.

While not outdoors, I spend more time outdoors. I work beyond full time in the winter as the Department head of a rental building at a ski resort. The other three seasons, I work as an outdoor program facilitator, a fancy way of saying I work at a camp and lead a multitude of programs. When I get a hankering to spend more money than I will make, I use up my free time as a professional disc golfer. In the world of disc golf, there are many types of people. As a disc golfer, I stray from the normal stereotypes in many ways. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke anything, and I’m not a free love and peace liberal hippie. However, many of my greatest friends are disc golfers, and I wouldn’t trade the life style for anything. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to many places for extended periods of time, just to throw plastic circles. I’ve also been lucky or cute enough to catch the eye of a few great sponsors, who basically make it possible for me to keep playing. I suppose I could continue to list things that I do, but that sounds pretentious. Let’s put it this way, then I’ll stop talking. Through my friends in high school, and my curious mind, I have an approximate knowledge of many things, and have dabbled in most athletics.

Back to the website. Blog? Weblog? What can you expect? I’m not sure! I’ll outline a few things.

  1. I promise not to make promises I can’t keep.

That’s basically it. I have an outline. I’ve bought plane tickets, I’ve made arrangements. I’ve been working since August of last year to pre-write these articles, in order to make some deadlines that I have set for myself. I do have quite a few different series that I will be composing, one of which will be seen monthly at the least. The series are all working titles, but in an effort to meet the goal of somebody growing and learning from me, I want to write based on things I am learning. There will be a monthly fly tying article that I hope to continue for some time. I believe that there is no sweeter feeling than catching a fish on a fly you tied, but it’s an art that is in danger of being lost by the upcoming generation of anglers. In order to do my part, I want to show you all my adventures of learning to tie. Another exciting series is going to be homage of sorts, and a new experience for all involved. It’s tentatively called, Dad Lessons. We all have had that figure, whether blood or otherwise, that influenced us to grow in the outdoors, In “Dad Lessons”, I’ll be teaching my own father things I have learned over my years. I believe that over all other things, we all owe the people in our lives as much as they have taught us. I certainly have a lot of debt to repay to that man. Along with the monthly series, every year I wish to travel to new places. In 2018, I have one international trip, 3 out of state trips, and a slew of trips that I take every year with friends and family. All of this, and the weblog hasn’t even started.  I don’t plan on getting rich, but I plan on becoming enriched. I invite you to join, the Journey is sure to be filled with fun, laughter, surprises, and no small amount of sarcasm. We’ll see you outside.

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