Bassmaster Classic 2018 Angler Spotlight

Part three of our Angler spotlight starts now!

Seth Feider is a relative newbie on the Bassmaster Elite series, and this will be his first ever Classic. He’s got the mindset of a veteran though, and is hopeful that he’ll be coming out on top. As far as being a favorite, he’s a little farther down on the list that our other two anglers. That comes mainly from the type of bass being targeted in this Classic. If the fish were bronze-backed smallmouth instead of large, Feider would no doubt be a clear choice for top honors

With all of this in mind, Seth is taking a very open minded approach to the weekend.

“I’m going to be rigged up for everything,” he says. “We could be anywhere from a pre-pre-spawn tournament to there might even be bed fish when we get there. So it’s key to have a wide arsenal of baits. With Rapala, Storm and Terminator, I’ve got that. I’ll have everything I need to tackle any depth, water temperature or cover.”

First off, he’ll be throwing Rapala DT crankbaits, Storm 360GT searchbaits, and Rapala Shadow Rap Deep jerkbaits. If the weather and water meet Seth’s expectations, these baits show produce some good numbers, and hopefully some great fish. If the water warms up, the game plan may change a bit. Topwater action could be called to the mound. The Arashi Cover Pop and the Terminator Walking Frog would be the main players looking to score.

If there’s anything going for this rookie, it’s adaptability. He’s got a wide variety of baits, a variety of tactics, and a desire for the trophy. He’s throwing a lot of the same baits as the seasoned veterans covered in part one and two, and a couple extra that he’s hoping will give him the edge. Stay tuned this weekend as we post leaderboard updates on our Facebook page!

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