Bassmaster Classic 2018 Angler Spotlight

Welcome to part two of our Bassmaster Angler spotlights. Today we focus on Ott Defoe, a six time competitor and never out of the top twenty-five. Ott has a handful of wins, and just under ten podium finishes on the Bassmaster series. He’s considered a favorite to win, though not as highly as some other big players.

While looking to the lake, Ott has taken notice of the warm, rising water and chosen to take advantage. “Right off the giddyap, I expect the Rapala DT-6 will be a player.” says Defoe. He’ll also lean heavily on a couple other staples in his box, the Terminator Pro Jig and Terminator Spinner bait.

However, if the water temps stay lower, which could be the case with the impending rain, he may look for a change in baits. If that’s the case, look for him to be throwing Rapala Shadow Rap and Shadow Rap Deep jerkbaits. If the water does turn out to be warmer than average, Ott thinks that the Rapala BX Waking Minnow could be a bait that “that might surprise a lot of people”.

Ott knows his stuff, and his consistent finishing in the top 25 is a huge indicator of his potential for the weekend. He’s considered all the water possibilities, and seems to have a solid, unwavering game plan in all scenarios. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates as the weekend progresses!

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