St. Louis Botanical Gardens

In a recent article, I talked a little bit about buying a new camera. While I have used aforementioned camera to take some stills of flies off the vise, I decided I needed a bit of nature to spruce up my life. Coincidentally, today was a rainy day, and thus my place of work was closed. The Missouri Botanical Garden was still open though, and happened to be featuring their yearly Orchid show. I hope you enjoy the photos half as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Gallery dedicated to Richard and Jean Jones.

Greater grandparents than I deserve and bigger flower lovers than anybody I know. 

4 thoughts on “St. Louis Botanical Gardens”

  1. WOW! Those are some beautiful pics of some beautiful flowers!!! And that was a beautiful smile on a beautiful girl! Thank you so much for the nice comments too! That was very SWEET! Thank you! Glad you enjoys such a beautiful day! Thanks again!


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