These days, it has become increasingly harder to find places of solitude. Places where you experience true serenity. For those of us who have learned to hear the call of the wild, we have the innate ability to find these places where others would not. I found myself looking for that serenity last year. During […]

In the old days, fishing was simple. A long stick, a braided line, and a hook with live bait. Your line was probably made from horse hair, your hook an old re-purposed nail or screw, and your bait was whatever you dug up on the river bank. People caught fish, people ate the fish, and […]

The Hunt. The piece everybody wants to hear about. The first morning, Friday Tim and I elected to sit in a blind. With archery hunting, it’s hard enough to get in close to a turkey. Add in the action of drawing a bow, and the eyes of a turkey, a blind is the best option. […]

When you watch a hunting show, there are a couple of things you expect. A kill. Great calling and response. Wisdom and knowledge of animals that don’t seem to be wise themselves. Hunting, in reality is much harder. There are animals that will never respond to a call, and terrain that doesn’t allow for a […]

As a hunter, trips can get expensive. First, you have your weapon. The weapon can be borrowed, but if you plan on hunting any longer than the first year, you might as well buy it. A gun can run you anywhere from two hundred all the way up to the high thousands. A bow starts […]

When I started this website, I set a few goals. What they are is not important, but one of the major goals was to get invites to media camps. Hunting and fishing incredible places, then coming back home to write about the trip and the companies who made it possible. Spring turkey season has opened […]

In part one, we left you at the pool with two schools of trout, and we were headed to old stomping grounds. By old, I mean I’ve been there a total of twice, and Jake has to show me the pools. We started a bit further upstream than the time before, and Jake started off […]